BRIOFOX Tension Curtain Rod, 43-73 Inches, Rust-Resistance Shower Curtain Rod for Windows or Doorways, Matte Nickel

BRIOFOX Tension Curtain Rod 43-73 Inches, No Sag Heavy Duty + Rust-Proof + Non-Fall Down Curtain Rod, Used for Curtains or Hanging Curtains in Windows or Doorways, Never Collapse No drilling

Product Features

  • Heavy Duty, High Strength Steel Tube, Thickness of the tube increased by 60 percent. Max Load 30 Lbs
  • Rust-Resistance newest high-tech non-corrosion electroplating. Corrosion resistance capacity doubled
  • Non-Fall Down, Tension Mechanism inside maintains powerful tension. Max Load 30 Pounds.
  • Apply for All Surface, include wallpaper, paint wall, tile wall, wooden frame, Etc.
  • Backed by an Briofox one-year limited guarantee

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