BAYUE 120cm Yoga Pull Rope Elastic Resistance Bands Fitness Workout Exercise Tubes Practical Training Rubber Tensile Expander (Color : Blue)

Department Name: Unisex

Application: Pull Rope

Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise

The length of the tube is approximately 47.25 inches / 120 cm and the diameter is 0.4 inches / 10.5 mm.

Comfortable handle: The cushioning foam handle is comfortable, non-slip and easy to absorb sweat. The length is approximately 12 cm / 4.73 inches.

Product Features

  • Increase range of motion stretching. Reduce risk of injury warming up before playing sports and relieve post exercise aches and pains after exercise. Reduce stress and improve joint flexibility and mobility.
  • Good for pull-up, sit-up, body building, fintness and so on, whether at home or in the office to shape your body.
  • Eco-friendly sweat-absorbent wrap handle, foam has the good sweat-absorbing ability and anti-slip ability, it is not easy to slip, use safer. The main part is made of high-quality latex tube, thick and thick, strong durability and strong elasticity.
  • The elastic foam handle design allows for sufficient grip and no damage. Natural latex tape, foam handle and anti-skid pedals, to protect hands from injury and absorb sweat, preventing slip during exercise.
  • This product can train the arm, practice the abdomen, practice the chest, and practice the leg. It is an important tool for men and women.

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