Mebien Turkish Beach Bath Towel Peshtemal-Luxury Prewashed Cotton Blanket Vintage D.Grey 33x66inches

_ Absorbent: absorbs water as fast as a traditional towel, absorbent

_ Ideal to use in bathrooms, pools, spas, beaches, gyms, saunas, yoga, trips, vacations, sports facilities, picnics and for baby care.

_ Dries very quickly ( faster than thicker counterparts, half the time of a regular beach towel)

_ Sand-free (perfect for beach using)

_ Takes up less space (fits in your bag)

_ Easy to carry (light-weight)

_ Eco-friendly: 100% cotton

_ Free of harmful chemical substances for your skin: No chemical processes, just washed with water and dried after woven. Softening agents-free. Artificial fragrance-free.

_ It becomes smoother, softer and more absorbent after every wash

Product Features

  • NATURAL TURKISH BEACH BATH TOWEL: in bathroom, pools, spas, beaches, gyms, saunas, hammam, yogas
  • HOME TEXTILE: Throw to your coach, chair, sofa, and bed. purple, yellow, light grey, pink, orange ..
  • BLANKET: Travel, beach, picnic, camping or for your baby , quick dry classic multi colour products.
  • GARMENT: For daily use as the lightweight garment itself, scarf, stole, sarong, pareo
  • GIFT FOR WOMEN: With Mebien touche de la nature gift bag. Please see all options.

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