Rsvp Charcoal Filters For Compost Pail – FILTER

Once the odor is quite obvious from your RSVP Compost Pail it is time to switch the filter out, here you are supplied with two sets of the filters which last up to six months once used. These RSVP Charcoal Filters help to prevent odors from your compost pail so you can store it in your kitchen without any issue. RSVP Charcoal Filters for Compost Pail Features: Works with the RSVP Compost Pail and comes with two sets] Made for preventing odors that come from your compost pail RSVP Charcoal Filters Last up to 6 months 6-1/4″ diameter x 3/4″ H, with a 1 gallon capacity Charcoal Filters Weight:1.6 oz

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