Swarovski Ornament Clear Rainbow maker Crystal Accent Sun Catcher Made with Genuine Crystals from SWAROVSKI by CrystalPlace

SWAROVSKI Rainbow Maker Designed and assembled in USA by CrystalPlace Craftsmen. Crystals from World-Famous Austrian Crystal manufacture SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL

Product Features

  • Made with 100% Authentic SWAROVSKI crystal
  • Color: Clear, Crystal Laser Cut, Amazing Shine and flawless Crystal
  • Crystal Size: 38mm = 1.5 Inches, attched to the 10 Inch chain with a hook
  • Great for Weddings, Baby shower, Christmas Tree Decorations, Chandeliers, Art Projects, Jewelry Making, Necklaces, Great Gift for House warming and Suncatchers
  • Buyer’s Beware Of Copies And Imitation Crystals! Choose Only CrystalPlace Products With Confidence

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