Vaenait Baby 0-24M Infant Boys Longsleeves One piece Swimsuit Baby Rico L

Vaenait Baby’s swimwear is made with a high quality nylon/elastane materials.
Offers reliable UV coverage in and out of the water.
This rashguard swimsuit protect your babies from Sun.
Vaenait Baby swimwear is good for active athlete as well as for the recreational swimmer.
Each swimwear is enveloped in reusable zipper-locking plastic bag, good for GIFT.
Wear most famous Vaenaitbaby’s Clothes.

Product Features

  • S (0-12M) / L (12-24M)
  • Certified UPF 50 UV protection.
  • Zipper on the Back
  • Easy Wash, Easy Drying
  • Comfortable stretch fit

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