HDE Women Vintage 50s Pinup Girl Rockabilly High Waist Retro Bikini Swimsuit Set (Polka Dot w/ Red Trim, Large)

Looking for a classic look for your next trip to the beach? A pinup girl-inspired swimsuit is just what you’ve been seeking. The retro, rockabilly style is a departure from your standard skimpy two-piece swimwear, leaving the boys guessing as you strut across the sand in a high-waisted bikini. Whether you’re trying to be modest or simply want to try something new, we’ve got your covered.

Bikini Sizing:


* Cup Size: A/B

* Bust: 32 in

* Waist: 24 in

* Hip: 33 in


* Cup Size: A/B

* Bust: 34 in

* Waist: 26 in

* Hip: 35 in


* Cup Size: B/C

* Bust: 36 in

* Waist: 28 in

* Hip: 37 in


* Cup Size: B/C

* Bust: 38 in

* Waist: 30 in

* Hip: 39 in

Product Features

  • Classic pinup girl rockabilly swimsuit
  • High-waisted bikini with retro design
  • Lightly padded top for added comfort and appeal
  • Choose from a variety of bright colors
  • Set includes top and bottom

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