$18.99 for 16oz “Klear-To-Sea” cleaner/polish/protectant Safe on all surfaces you can see through….This product is 100% SAFE on all electronic screens, clear vinyl windows, HDTV, LCD, computor, ipod, ipad, laptops—–guaranteed! Use it on your eyeglasses for an unbeleivable “Klear” look. Leaves an anti static, anti fog protective coating to prevent scratches with NO wax. OSHA approved Available 16oz to 5 gallon pail.

Doctor Klear’s “Klear-To-Sea” 16oz. is the best cleaner, polish, preservative for the Home, Boat, Auto, RV and more. Cleans, polishes and preserves plastics, lexan, clear vinyl, windshield, glass mirrors, LCD, radar and all electronic screens. Safe for all camera lens, eyeglasses, polorized sunglasses, anything optical. Great as a granite and stainless cleaner polish. Passes Boeing ASTM-F-484 type A stress crazing of acrylic stress crazing.

Product Features

  • Cleans & protects without removing plastisizers
  • No alcohol, ammonia, non-toxic, biodegradable & OSHA approved
  • Anti-static, anti-fog, repels dust and finger prints
  • Leaves a lustrous “Klear” look with no wax
  • Use on Boat/Auto/RV/Motorcycle windows and windshields & all electronic screens

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