Beach Blanket with Accessories: Nylon Tote Pouch & 4 Stakes / Pegs – Also Used as Outdoor Camping Gear, Oversized Mat, Shade Tarp and Picnic Throw (Lime Green, Medium)

Beach Blanket : Adalid Gear

An absolute must-have for summer or camping trips!


Do you love going to the beach but hate the sand on your towel, clothes, and valuables? Worry no longer with our beach blanket!

➔ Made of 100% nylon parachute silk that easily sheds sand/dirt and dries fast*

➔ Remains cool to the touch even on hot summer days

➔ Can also be used as a camping cover, a car-seat protector, a pet blanket, and so much more


➔ 1 nylon 7 x 6 feet blanket with sand pockets and corner loops

➔ 4 stakes/pegs (1 for each corner loop)

➔ 1 nylon pouch

➔ Freebies: Summer Skin Care eBook, and more! (To claim, simply follow the instructions on the packaging insert)

*NOTE: Our blanket is NOT waterproof; it is designed to absorb water and dry fast, so that water doesn’t pool on the blanket after your swim.


PREMIUM products, SECURE checkout, and OUTSTANDING customer service. Please get in touch with us for any inquiries or concerns.

➔ 1-Year Warranty (Free No-Hassle Replacement!)

Enjoy your next beach/camping trip to the fullest and own this Beach Blanket NOW!

Product Features

  • Beach Blanket (7 x 6 feet) made of 100% nylon woven fabric; with its light & ultra-thin design, it dries up fast and sheds off sand/dirt easily!
  • 4 corner pockets that can be filled with sand (or stones) to keep your blanket in place during windy conditions, plus 4 corner loops that can be staked down into sand or ground
  • Includes 4 FREE stakes/pegs for added security or camping use
  • Comes along with a nylon pouch to easily tote it around
  • Guaranteed: 1-Year Warranty – a Free No-Hassle Replacement Process

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