Apache Mills 60-779-1029 Masterpiece Home Stones Doormat, 18-Inch by 30-Inch

The apache indoor/outdoor doormat is made of 90-percent recycled rubber. it has extreme cleaning performance for all weather conditions. the original design with built-in channels provides a two dimensional look and visual appeal. the decorative design and pattern holes are not only attractive; they allow fluids, dirt and other particles to sift down through; helping keep your house clean and dry. apache mills doormats have exclusive shoe scrapping fibers that clean shoes while hiding dirt in recessed channels; this keeps dirt outside where it belongs. it is made of with a stain resistant fiber to keep it looking clean and fresh. the recycled rubber base provides long lasting durability and slip resistance. apache mills mats are proudly made in the usa.

Product Features

  • Shoe scraping fibers keep your floors clean
  • Recessed channels trap dirt outside
  • Stain resistant fiber surface keep mat looking good
  • Green durable recycled rubber good for environment

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