Pail Mixer – Egg Beater Mixer

Egg Beater Style Mixer / Mixing Tool / Pail Mixer / Mud Mixer. This mixing paddle is 5″ in diameter, with a 7/16″ x 30″ steel hex shaft. This plated solid steel mixer is the perfect tool for use with FlexSet Concrete Repair and FloMix Asphalt Repair. The tool provides excellent results, with minimum torque strain for the user and low to no aeration of the material being mixed. Ideal for sheetrock mud, thin sets, paints, grouts and concrete products. Fits on any standard 1/2″ or larger drill and will fit some 3/8″ drills. Long 30″ shaft reduces lower back strain. Cleanup is easy and quick!

Product Features

  • Ideal for sheetrock mud, thin sets, paints, grouts, concrete products, and polymeric concretes
  • Plated Steel
  • Low to no aeration
  • Long 30″ shaft reduces back strain

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