Picnic Time Outdoor Umbrella, Multi-Color Stripe

This attractive umbrella from Picnic Time features a multi-color striped polyester fabric that will marry with the Picnic Time portable picnic tables and party cubes. This umbrella is perfect for the beach, camping, or picnics, or even the backyard. The sturdy pole is made of PVC and measures 73 inches tall and 1-1/4 inches diameter, and has tilting option and a pointed end for easier penetration into sand or dirt. The top opens up to measure 63 inches across, giving you a nice barrier from the sun on scorching days. The multi-colored stripes will complement a variety outdoor items; be sure to look for a large selection of Picnic Time’s portable picnic tables and chairs, and the party cubes, as all of these items have built-in sections designed to accommodate this umbrella. Comes with a sturdy carry bag for easy transport.

Product Features

  • Picnic Time multi-use striped pole umbrella
  • Attractive umbrella measures 63 inches across; great as a sun shade
  • Comes on a sturdy PVC pole with a pointed end for penetrating sand or dirt
  • Will coordinate with Picnic Time’s Party Cubes or portable picnic tables
  • Comes with a carry bag for transporting

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