AQ2 Brushed Microfiber Bath Towel Set – includes 2 Microfiber Bath Towels – for Home, Pool, Beach, Vacation, Camping, Travel and Outdoors

Our AQ2 Microfiber Bath Towels are luxuriously soft, plush and super absorbent. This set of colorful and stylish brushed microfiber towels are bleach safe, benzoyl peroxide proof, resist snagging, lint free and very long lasting. They are also super lightweight and do not take up much spaceÑon the shelf or in the washer/dryer. Use at home, at the pool or anywhere your life adventures take you.

Product Features

  • Luxuriously soft and plush, yet ultra lightweight and space saving
  • Super absorbent & dries quickly
  • Snag & lint free – very long lasting
  • Bleach friendly & benzoyl peroxide proof
  • Launders economically Ð get more done per load & conserve water and electrical usage

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