Solar Guard Dual Canopy Beach Umbrella – UPF 150+ Wind / Water Resist Color SC: 6 Foot Canopy

Our popular and patented beach umbrella with its unique pioneering construction of dual canopy design allows severe wind gusts to easily escape for stability compared to umbrellas with standard vent. Its dual canopy allows much more warm air to flow out making the area underneath feel cooler compared to other umbrellas. Its premium and durable reflective microweave fabric provides cooler shade by 15 deg. Its super-strength and corrosion resistance fiberglass ribs easily outlast steel or wood ribs. The only beach umbrella with high UPF of 150+ and cooler temperature in the marketplace!
Unique snap button designed to lock the upper and bottom poles to prevent the poles from opening during windy periods unlike most umbrellas.
Folded Length 46 inches; Open Height is 85 inches
Optional Sand Anchor device (sold separately) is recommended. It’s built to hold your umbrellas pole firmly in the sand for enhance stability. It screws into the sand or turf and makes your umbrella much more secure.

Product Features

  • Heavy Duty Frame boasts reinforced rib joints and fiberglass spreaders for more flexibility which w
  • The durable weather resistance fabric provides Ultra Protection Factor(UPF) 150+. Allows only 1/140
  • 1.5 inch diameter Non-rusting and white powder coated aluminum pole
  • Features 3 position Tilt, Closure Strap, Carrying Bag with shoulder strap included
  • Lightweight of 4.0 lbs (The Lightest umbrella available in marketplace of this canopy size)

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