Heavy Duty Roller Shower Curtain Rings, Polished Chrome Clipperton RollerRings®, Set of 12

A little change in the décor can make a noticeable and pleasant difference to the ambience. Enhance your bathroom décor with Shower Curtain Rings. Made of durable brass and stainless steel the curtain rings highlight the curtain drapery. These roller rings are corrosion-free, friction free and glide smoothly on the curtain rod. This kind of drapery hardware makes an attractive visual pattern when viewed with the rest of the bathroom décor. Nickel Plated to ensure durability and longevity of finish. Sold in sets of 12.

Product Features

  • RollerRings® Shower Curtain Rings are made of Highest Quality Materials – Heavy Duty Brass and Stainless Steel Construction
  • Corrosion-Free High Quality – Heavy Duty Finish Process to ensure longevity of product and finish of our Shower Curtain Rings.
  • RollerRings® Shower Curtain Rings are designed to fit 1″ and 3/4″ Diameter Curved or Straight Shower Rods
  • Rolls friction-free across your shower curtain rod. Only a light tug required to open or close the curtain.
  • RollerRings Shower Curtain Rings are backed by a Lifetime Warranty

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